Sea Freight

Hannibal can organise sea freight all over the world because we have access to a global network. Regarding overseas shipments to and from China, South-East Asia and India, we consider ourselves to be the absolute specialist.

A. Type of cargo:

WWe take care of the entire logistical flow of goods (including customs handling) from the supplier to delivery to our customers at home.

Almost every type of cargo can be transported using containers. Whether it is decorative items, furniture, clothing, high-tech equipment, chemicals, etc., we move them all round the world in containers.

B. Container:

Transportation in containers has been a growing industry since containers came into existence. We can take care of both full container loads (FCL – Full Container Loads), and partial loads (LCL – Less Than Container Loads) on your behalf.

We can also collect “buyer’s consoles” for you, whereby we gather orders from different suppliers and place them into one full container. This saves considerable costs on transportation. Based on your specific requirements, we look for the most favourable solution.

C. Temperature controlled:

We offer the possibility for shipping temperature-controlled loads, i.e. perishables. Whether you are transporting deep-frozen products, plants or other perishable cargo, your products are in safe hands thanks to our knowledge and experience.

We take care of the inspections and specific declarations that may be required for these products. We can offer you the following activities:

  • MRN documentation (transit documents)
  • Client declarations
  • Plantenziektenkundige Dienst (PD) (the Plant Protection Service of The Netherlands) and Elektronisch Gemeenschappelijk Document van Binnenbrengen (EGDB) (Electronic common entry document used by customs authorities) declarations
  • Taking care of inspections Rijksdienst voor de Keuring van Vee en Vlees (RVV) (Netherlands Institute for Livestock and Meat Products)

Transportation insurance:

An important element to be considered when shipping sea freight is transportation insurance. This essential component of transportation is, unfortunately, not always properly arranged in practice by parties interested in the cargo.
The causes can be diverse: cost considerations, ignorance, or it is assumed that this has been arranged by the carrier.
Since the liability of carriers is limited, we advise you to arrange your transportation insurance properly so that all risks are covered. If you do not do this, it can have significantly adverse effects.

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Road transportation

Transportation of pallet shipments, long goods, etc. by road, without using other modes of transport. We are happy to take care of the transportation of your goods. You can choose between HUB transportation or Direct distribution.




Multi-mode transportation

In order to save costs, it can sometimes be more attractive to transport your goods using other modes of transportation. The railway may offer a solution if you want transportation across larger distances.




In addition to the pure storage of goods, we can also add value from within our warehouses. For example, would you like us to package or seal your products? It’s no problem for us.