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Road transportation

Transportation of pallet shipments, long goods, etc. by road, without using other modes of transport. We are happy to take care of the transportation of your goods. You can choose between HUB transportation or Direct distribution.



Sea Freight

Because we have a worldwide network, we can organise sea freight shipments all around the world. What are our specialities? Shipping to China, South-East Asia and India.



Multi-mode transportation

In order to save costs, it can sometimes be more attractive to transport your goods using other modes of transportation. The railway may offer a solution if you want transportation across larger distances.




In addition to the pure storage of goods, we can also add value from within our warehouses. For example, would you like us to package or seal your products? It’s no problem for us.


Do you have questions about our services, or are you looking for an audit of your transportation facilities?

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Working method

We will make every effort to learn more about you and your requirements at a preliminary meeting. If you can provide us with your problem points, we will work with you to try and solve them. We will develop a profile based on your requirements.

We will then draw up a customised proposal, based on your profile. We will seek the best solution for your request, based on our extensive network of specialists.

And if you accept the offer? That would be great news; we can then get to work and begin with the transportation of your goods.

We take care of the implementation, right down to the last details. This will always be accompanied by a smooth and fast follow-up. You will have one contact person assigned to assist you throughout the entire process.


Luc Hoessels

T +32(0)89 41 17 86 M +32(0)479 98 52 36

Local support, global experience

Hannibal is specialised in the management of transportation. With years of experience in the sector, we have built a worldwide, independent network of carriers and logistics companies. Each with their own specialisation – the power of diversity.
Our transport network consists of partners who have successfully passed a rigorous selection process. They are selected based on their professional knowledge, geographical location and specialism in terms of the goods they carry.

Customer-oriented approach

OOur customer focus is the cornerstone of our policy. We listen to our customers, constantly work with them, and put our acquired knowledge at their service: doing this ensures optimum cooperation.
Local and direct contact points guarantee a fast, flexible and specialised service.

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