Road transportation

Hannibal is the specialist for road transportation in Belgium, as well as throughout the rest of Europe. We ensure the efficient transportation of your goods! The definition of road transportation is the transportation of goods, such as pallets or other long goods, by no other means than road. We offer you the choice between HUB transportation and Direct distribution


Hub transportation makes use of a warehouse at a foreign location where the shipment is unloaded and then transported further by a second or third carrier.

This is suitable for well-packaged goods and where there is less time pressure.


In the case of Direct distribution, the freight will not be transferred from a hub; it will be transported directly from the carrier/logistics partner’s own warehouse to the final destination. This is an excellent choice for long goods and goods where time sensitivity is an issue. We can transport both partial loads and full loads.


Wegvervoer 2

We transport partial loads (from 3 pallets up to 10 meter load floor)
We only use the principle of direct distribution for partial loads. By using specialised carriers that are local to individual countries, we can offer a solution for the whole of Europe.
Here, we can move material such as 13m60 tautliner trailers, with or without truck-mounted forklift, 13m60 isotherm trailers (for goods that have to be transported at a certain temperature), 5m tautliner trucks, 13m60 open trailers.
We carry full loads (from 10 metre load floor up to 15.4 metres)
We also provide full-load services throughout Europe. For this, we have a very broad fleet. Our fleet consists of: 13m60 tautliner trailers, 13m60 MEGA tautliner trailers, 13m60 refrigerated trailers, 13m60 coil trailers, 15m40 volume trailers.

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Sea Freight

Because we have a worldwide network, we can organise sea freight shipments all around the world. What are our specialities? Shipping to China, South-East Asia and India.



Multi-mode transportation

In order to save costs, it can sometimes be more attractive to transport your goods using other modes of transportation. The railway may offer a solution if you want transportation across larger distances.




In addition to the pure storage of goods, we can also add value from within our warehouses. For example, would you like us to package or seal your products? It’s no problem for us.