Hannibal is specialised in the management of transportation. With our years of experience in the sector, we have built a worldwide, independent network.

As a specialist, we have built up a worldwide network of independent carriers and logistics companies, each one with their own specialisation.

This transportation network consists of independent family trucking companies and logistics companies. The driver plays an important role for transportation companies and customer care is a big requirement.

Our transport network consists of partners who have successfully passed a rigorous selection process. They are selected on the basis of:

  • The knowledge of the sector
  • Geographical location
  • Specialism in the nature of goods they transport

This is how we work together to ensure that you save not only time, but also money once the job is complete.

Hannibal at your service


Road transportation

Transportation of pallet shipments, long goods, etc. by road, without using other modes of transport. We are happy to take care of the transportation of your goods. You can choose between HUB transportation or Direct distribution.



Sea Freight

Because we have a worldwide network, we can organise sea freight shipments all around the world. What are our specialities? Shipping to China, South-East Asia and India.



Multi-mode transportation

In order to save costs, it can sometimes be more attractive to transport your goods using other modes of transportation. The railway may offer a solution if you want transportation across larger distances.




In addition to the pure storage of goods, we can also add value from within our warehouses. For example, would you like us to package or seal your products? It’s no problem for us.