Below you can find an overview of some projects that we have successfully completed for our customers. Short, concise case studies. Do you have any questions about your specific problem? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Case Study 1: improving delivery reliability

For a company producing medical packaging, special importance must be paid to the timely and punctual delivery of their products. Our client, who is currently active in over 65 countries worldwide, had a lot of trouble to guarantee this delivery reliability, mainly in France.

Hannibal got to work with the partial shipments and ensured they were delivered to the right customers on the agreed date and time.


Case Study 2: communication, monitoring, supervision and transportation

An importer of relationship articles was looking for the ideal partner to take care of the logistics of transporting approximately 800 containers from China and South-East Asia every year. This concerned not only the shipment of goods, but also the entire account management.

Hannibal maintained close contact with the various suppliers, and the importer was kept informed about the status of the purchase orders on a daily basis. Our team ensures the timely shipment of goods from the Far East, as well as the timely delivery of the containers for the various modes of transportation, including the measurement of gas. In short, we take care of the entire logistics chain on behalf of our clients.

Today, efficiency is a very important word, and it should be implemented throughout the entire logistics chain. Hannibal generates so-called buyer’s consoles for the customers: various orders for one customer will be merged into one full or multiple containers to achieve substantial cost savings.

Case 3: delivery to warehouse chains

A company that deals in foil was looking for a partner that could provide delivery of their products to wholesale chains and warehouses throughout Europe. Each wholesale chain had different delivery requirements, such as: deliveries only during the day, delivery at a specific hour, driver identity required in advance, etc.

Hannibal drew up a plan of action and planned the delivery of the products to meet the needs of the various wholesale chains and warehouses while, at the same time, doing this as cost-efficiently as possible.

Hannibal at your service


Road transportation

Transportation of pallet shipments, long goods, etc. by road, without using other modes of transport. We are happy to take care of the transportation of your goods. You can choose between HUB transportation or Direct distribution.



Sea Freight

Because we have a worldwide network, we can organise sea freight shipments all around the world. What are our specialities? Shipping to China, South-East Asia and India.



Multi-mode transportation

In order to save costs, it can sometimes be more attractive to transport your goods using other modes of transportation. The railway may offer a solution if you want transportation across larger distances.




In addition to the pure storage of goods, we can also add value from within our warehouses. For example, would you like us to package or seal your products? It’s no problem for us.